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Photovoltaic revolution

Have you ever wondered how much energy can you get from the sun? See for yourself what savings you can have with Polish Wind Power.

Solar energy

Photovoltaics is one of the best solutions in the world, especially if you take into consideration huge savings. A power supply for the whole house or company, and all of this supervised by professionals:

It is a solution that pays for itself in costs – regardless of the scope of the investment. When investing with us, you get proven photovoltaic modules made of the best quality materials.

Photovoltaic Offer

Polish Wind Power

You are not an investor, but you are interested in cheaper electricity? PWP has the perfect solution!

Since 2018, Polish Wind Power has been comprehensively designing and installing solar systems all over Poland. We help our clients at every stage of implementation – from the calculation of costs and professional advice, through the execution of a complete project, to implementation and use of the full investment potential.

How exactly can you use a model of cheap electricity tailored to your needs?

A team of advisers will check which size of installation will be the most advantageous for you from the economic point of view. We recommend roof installations from 150 KW up for companies and farmers. In larger, open spaces, a solar park from 500 KW to 1 MW will be the best solution. Next, we prepare a project, paying particular attention to the smallest details, and implement it as soon as possible.

In our current offer, we also provide the installation of photovoltaics on roofs, which we rent directly from companies. The lessor (it may be your company!) has the chance to concentrate the electricity produced in such a way at an exceptionally favourable price and gets additional money from the roof rental. Moreover, the excess of unused electricity is supplied to the distribution network and then sold to the public energy supplier.

What is more, each of our clients can buy solar systems installed on the roofs at an extremely affordable price and take them over after 20 years of operation.

Note! The roofs for the investment must meet specific load-bearing capacity criteria to ensure the safety of the solar module installation.
Free roof from about 400 m2 with a load capacity of about 15 kg per m2 are taken into consideration. There must be a transformer station on the system’s site. In order to calculate the costs and create the project, we will also need the last 3 electricity bills and the exact location to carefully analyse the conditions of the investment through Google Earth satellite images.

Contact us if you do not know whether you meet the criteria or if it seems too complicated! We will make an appointment on site and assess the possibility of lower electricity charges.


PWP’s investments already bring huge profits for our clients and businesses! Example?

In the Podlaskie province, one of the companies operating in steel constructions has recorded a profit of as much as PLN 400,000 per year as a result of electricity savings and income from roof space rental.

Do you own halls, barns, stables or other large roofs? Contact us, and we will tell you how much you can earn on them.

More information about our photovoltaic systems and international cooperation.

The business of Polish Wind Power is based on exclusive, close cooperation with our partner EMT2 from Germany. The owner and head of EMT2 is an undisputed expert in solar systems, therefore it guarantees that each of our investors will receive professional support in the module selection and installation. As our client, you will see for yourself the highest efficiency in power generation using modules that will be reasonably productive for another 20 years, benefiting from the many years of experience of the German partner. EMT2 is the largest partner of the renowned Viessmann brand, which supplies its customers with reliable modules with a 12-year German warranty. Thanks to the wholesale deliveries of photovoltaic modules for EMT2 our prices are rivalled on the market – together with transparency and the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Polish Wind Power and EMT2 form a partnership based on sustainable energy concepts.


Sustainability, reliability and timeliness also result from the carefully selected companies with whom we cooperate. Polish ingenuity and German durability.