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Cooperation proposal for investors

Polish Wind Power

Dear Investor,
As a medium-sized company from Szczecin, Polish Wind Power is involved in the comprehensive development of projects and concepts of renewable energy.

PWP’s share capital is PLN 500,000.

Our primary areas of activity:

  • Farm biogas plants – a potential profit above 12 %.
  • Solar systems – a potential profit from 5 % to 8 % and more – with high creditworthiness of the investor (using leverage in the form of bank financing).
  • Wind farms – we will soon be starting again in this sector and we are interested in a new cooperation with companies in the renewable energy sector.

We are currently looking for investors:

  1. for our design ideas
  2. for our projects ready for implementation

We are also open to developing new projects with a refined business plan tailored to your needs. We guarantee the implementation of investments with the participation of our partners in individual areas – all at a fixed, attractive price.

The structure of Polish Wind Power and the document filing system are based on target companies which have been registered as limited liability companies and limited partnerships with their registered offices in Warsaw. The projects are financed by Polish Wind Power, which has current contracts for designs with each of the target companies.

To provide special services, a service company for the operation of installations in both business and technical areas has been established under the name “Eko-Farmenergia Services GmbH & Co. KG” with its registered office in Warsaw.

Within the scope of this company’s services, we provide professional support for each of your installations, so that the investment will be thoroughly successful. Operating in such a structure makes it possible for us to offer exceptionally good market prices for these services – all leading to your company’s success.

All in line with our motto: “Everything is possible, nothing is required”.

Are you interested in investing? Are you looking for sustainable investment in renewable energy? Contact us!

We will be happy to answer all your questions!


Sustainability, reliability and timeliness also result from the carefully selected companies with whom we cooperate. Polish ingenuity and German durability.