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Do you own a livestock farm? Not sure how to save on electricity? Biogas can be the solution!

Biogas energy

Biogas is a mixture of gases from fermented materials, also known as “green fuel”. It can be used by both business and individual clients for such purposes as:

The construction of a biogas plant with Polish Wind Power is an investment which makes it possible to dispose of agricultural waste in an eco-friendly way with a simultaneous profit in the form of electricity. PWP knows how to separate ammonia from poultry manure!

Biogas offer

Polish Wind Power

Biogas plants are still the most undervalued type of installation in the sector of renewable energy. Find out what an investment in “green fuel” with Polish Wind Power is all about.

The most important feature of farm biogas plants for individual clients and businesses is the regular supply of electricity during the year – it is the only source of renewable energy providing this regularity, which is an invaluable attribute in this respect compared to wind, solar or hydro energy.

Would you like to know how a biogas plant works?

In the beginning, the fermentation process uses substrates such as maize or sugar beet left-overs. Then, under temperature conditions good for bacteria, the fermentation process starts. As a result, we get an ecological fertiliser and methane, which is a key component for us. It is stored in a tank and then supplied as fuel for the engines converting this biogas into electricity in the process of combustion. The stored heat generated by the engine is an additional source of heating for halls, stables, flats and nearby buildings and so on.

In some cases, compressed methane can also supply the public gas network. This solution is still not very common in Poland because of the small number of gas connection points.

Another product of fermentation from a biogas plant is very useful and therefore distributed among local farmers, who use it to improve the quality of the soil in their fields.


In Polish Wind Power, biogas plants of type 2.0 work only on a substrate of chicken manure as the main source of energy. It is a profitable alternative to systems based on outdated, conventional technology, where the main substrate is maize. This way the user of the biogas plant avoids the necessity to purchase or produce large quantities of maize. Our farm biogas plants operate without maize.

Many Polish breeders give the produced manure to farmers, who generally use it as a fertilizer on their fields. The high concentration of ammonium compounds in the fields is hugely disadvantageous for the farmers and the unpleasant smell becomes inconvenient for the inhabitants. As a result, large amounts of ammonia penetrate through the arable land into the groundwater and contaminate it. This is related to costly water treatment processes and, in the worst cases, lakes get contaminated, as is currently happening in various regions of Europe. That is why so many environmental benefits can be achieved with PWP biogas plants.

Chicken manure has a similar energy value in the process of ethane extraction as maize. The value and specificity of the substrates must be properly selected for each biogas plant to ensure a steady production of methane. This is what our specialists do. They design the configuration of a biogas plant capable of producing enough methane. Based on various substrates and their samples, specialists form Polish Wind Power develop a mixture that ensures efficient operation of a farm biogas plant. The KW capacity for each system depends on the quantity and availability of these substrates. For our clients, we design and configure biogas plants of 75 KW up to 2,000 KW. If you are interested in a biogas plant with a capacity of over 1,000 KW, we are ready to undertake the project in cooperation with investors.

In the case of smaller biogas plants, the client invests in the project independently, using our professional support. We also help our clients obtain all public subsidies available.

Our solutions are very popular, particularly among poultry, pig, cattle and dairy farmers, as well as among fruit and vegetable suppliers who produce waste.

If you want to learn more about biogas plants we have designed and built in Poland, watch the video available on our website.

If you are interested in investing, contact us by e-mail or phone, or visit as in our headquarters.


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